Society Constitution. This legal service implies the elaboration of statutes for the Constitution and protocolization of a new company. The foregoing in order to comply with Mexican legislation and allow the issuance of an RFC and an e-signature for the legal entity in question. With this, a corporate order and compliance can be initiated for the new company, also preparing the titles of the shares and the corporate books.

Trade mark. With this legal service, the client will be able to request the protection of their products and/or services through a uni-class Trademark, that is to say that a trademark can be registered in several classes, but will be charged for each registration in each class, in accordance with to the Federal Law on Intellectual Property, and be duly registered with the IMPI. The foregoing in order that the Brand cannot be used by anyone else and enjoy exclusivity and distinction from the corresponding market, which will depend on the products and/or services to be protected. During the development of the service, the best customer service will be provided to protect your Trademark, from the registration of the same, to the obtaining of the title, in the understanding that the process before the IMPI takes 3-4 months and unforeseen events or requirements by the authority, which do not depend on the performance of ZyA when providing the service.

Contract review (advice). Contract review of any nature, with comments and observations regarding the obligations and rights for the benefit of the client, in order to satisfy their needs and legally protect them.

Preparation of Contract. It seeks to propose in an instrument the regulation of a commercial relationship between the client and a third party, or the client and ZyA, in order to determine the purpose of said relationship, the obligations and rights of the parties and certain particularities according to the nature of the relation to protect, and therefore the nature of the contract. It will be sought that the client is fully protected according to their personal or corporate needs, always in adherence to the law and good uses and customs.

Reform in Matters of Specialized Services. Analysis of the corporate purpose, proposal for a new corporate purpose, analysis of contracts with suppliers, contract proposal with specialized services.

Preparation of Corporate Minutes or documents. Preparation of corporate documents necessary to make the changes in bylaws or corporate movements required by the client, from Ordinary / Extraordinary Assembly Minutes, Share transfer contracts and accompaniment in the process before a notary in case of requiring the protocolization of documents, mentioning the previous ones in an enunciative but not limitative way.

Constitution of SAS. Constitution of a Simplified Public Limited Company digitally and via the internet aimed at entrepreneurs with incomes of less than 5 million pesos annually (check updates). Through this service, the client is offered the application for a company name before the Ministry of Economy SE, the constitution of the company with all the required authorizations, social contract, obtaining the RFC of a legal entity, proof of registration with the Public Registry of Trade and Terms and Conditions of the constitution.

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Legal Services

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